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Bag Hacks

【How to clean】


The cloth used in our bags is generally divided into two categories: "Natural fiber fabric " and "Synthetic fiber fabric ". In order to protect the bag color, printing and fabric durability, we have the following recommendations to deal with the cleaning of bags. Natural fiber fabric: including Cotton bag, Canvas bag, Linen bag, Bamboo bag, etc. In general Natural fiber fabric is best to use hand washing and hanging up to dry, and also accept low-temperature water (30 degrees or below) machine wash and low temperature (30 degrees or below) ironing. We do not recommend bleach washing, roller-type drying or dry cleaning treatment of Natural Fiber Bag cleaning.

Synthetic fiber fabric: including Nylon bag, Polyester bag, Nano bag, RPET bag, etc. Synthetic fiber fabric is best to wash with hand, can also accept low-temperature water (30 degrees or below) machine wash. We do not recommend bleach washing, roller-type drying or dry cleaning cotton bag
cleaning. Note that the Synthetic Fiber Bag cannot be ironed and to be separated from other products to wash. We have a few bags are attached with Waterproof plastic surface such as cosmetic bag to facilitate customer use.
Plastic Adhesive surface fabric: can be gently wipe with wet cloth which is stained with washing powder or soapy water to remove dirty traces, and then wash it with amount of water. Be careful not to wash by washing machine, roller-type drying or dry cleaning treatment.

【How to Maintain】
1. Avoid placing bags in places where the sun shines.
3. Keep the bag dry and clean.
4. Try to avoid overloading or sharp items causing damage.

【Creative usage】

When the bags are too old and don't want to waste? You can reuse it by the following creative method for environmental protection.

a)Patchwork-cushion: First cut the old bag into two pieces of cloth of the same size, sew it up but leave some space, and then take the old clothing or the cotton inside of old doll as filler and stuffing into the cushions, then just sew and seal it. On the other hand, the shoulder strap of the bag can be cut off for other purposes.

b)Patchwork-floor mat: First cut the old bag into pieces, and sewing all the pieces together to make a patchwork mat for maintain home cleaning.

c)Patchwork-tablecloth: First cut the old bag into pieces, and then sewing all the pieces together,
simply to create a household item and also save the natural resources.

d)Patchwork-apron: You can cut out different old bags to widen the area of material,
and then use the needle to sew the shoulder strap on the proper place.


【Pass on your bags】

If you have too many bags, we encourage you to send to those in need whether a person or an organization to extend the life of each bag. At present, many Green Groups have Bag Recycling Scheme which collects different types of bags and then donate them for use by people in need.
Please pay attention to your community or to ask Green Groups nearby.

Last Update : 02 rd Jan. 2020