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                                                                                      Our material

TOPFOREST cotton canvas bags are made of cotton yarn, which are mainly plain weave. There are also cotton bags made of twill weave on the market, which are called "inclined cloth bags". Canvas shopping bags from Hong Kong are mostly made of cotton yarn. Actually, canvas is a kind of cotton cloth, but the canvas is thicker.



                                                                       TOPOREST Cotton Canvas Bag 
The cotton cloth is mostly woven with a single strand of warp and weft yarn, while the warp and weft yarn of canvas is composed of two or more strands, which leads to the rough appearance of the canvas handbag and the thin and dense cotton handbag. 

Canvas is known for its durability and was first used to make sails, hence the name "canvas". Usually cotton canvas bags are measured in weight per square meter, usually in ounces. The heavier the bag, the thicker the cloth.

Because cotton canvas tote bag is made by pure natural cotton, it can be said to be the most environmentally friendly shopping bag on the market. Its advantage is soft, absorb wet, environmental protection, durable, easy to create different styles. Cotton bags: can be used more than 200 times,

When discarded, it can be completely decomposed into the natural environment.



                                                                      TOPOREST Nylon Bag 
Nylon fabric is one of the man-made fiber fabric, Hong Kong commonly known as "nylon fabric", nylon fabric production technology is changing fast, the fabric color is bright, soft, thin, strong and thick, very popular with Hong Kong and overseas consumers.

Nylon shopping bags are made of man-made fibers, which have the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, breathability and moisture removal. The raw materials are not natural materials, but its environmental significance is that it can be reused many times, greatly saving the consumption of disposable plastic bags that are difficult to decompose for a hundred years.

Nylon bag: can be used more than 300 times, TOPFOREST USES high density quality nylon, its surface is thin but actually stronger than the market nylon bag, bearing up to 8KG, more durable than other common nylon bag.