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Product Design Concept


Hong Kong Cultural Design Series

(Designed by local designer, Mr Lai Wai Kwan)

TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_01 Traditional culture, such as lion dance, Cantonese dim sum, eight-hung mirror, Mah-Jongg, are the main theme of this design, plus adding elements of Hong Kong's local life elements such as old vehicles, wet market, nostalgic toys, etc.
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_02 Using the Hong Kong local culture elements such as the old mailbox, Chinese restaurant tableware, nostalgic toys, road signs and so on.
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_03 The neon signs are one of the leading character in Hong Kong's dazzling night scene. But flashing lights are not selling brands, but promoting environmental protection.
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_04 The design elements inspired by Hong Kong's old tenement buildings and dense structures are complemented by the spirit of Hong Kong and the spirit of change and innovation.
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_05 Hong Kong nostalgic ice - room terrace brick design elements
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_06 The window frames of Hong Kong's nostalgic ice houses are designed with words praising the territory.
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_07 Using Hong Kong well known Eco-bag as visual element,which present the pattern of the stripe as trees.
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_08 The design element of the old game flying chess, evokes resonance among local people.
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_09 Using nostalgic games to arouse the innocence of Hong Kong people and the original intention of dreams.
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_10 Using a unique style of Chinese writing brush pen writes different kinds of Hong Kong slang.





Local Illustrator - Din Dong (Postgal Work Shop)

TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_din-dong_01 Spaceman Din Dong
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_din-dong_02 Sweet Word Din Dong
Mini Din Dong
TOPFOREST_Eco-Shopping_Bag_product_design_concept_din-dong_04 Chef Din Dong